Spit & Whittle Club

Remember the days when the older generation sat out on the porch or gathered at the general store, whittling and telling stories while the young folks listened with amazement about how things used to be “back in the day?”


The Spit & Whittle Club carries the spirit of those days and is a specialized writers’ club with regular meetings and activities to encourage and educate writers, young and old, with an emphasis on storytelling.

Which generation is yours?  Were you the one telling the stories – or were you the one listening?  Whichever generation is yours, there is a place for you in this wonderful group to participate and take part in passing down the tradition of storytelling.

Storytelling is an important skill to develop and can be invaluable in fiction writing, as well as other genres.  Developing this skill trains writers to focus on details and helps them learn how to bring their story to life for their readers.

SDAA plans to conduct Storytelling Seminars and Workshops to educate and encourage all types of writers to Recognize, Remember, Record and Relate the current events of their time to the next generation.

Storytelling 101 will be a special event to kick off each new chapter of the Spit & Whittle Club.  If you are interested in opening a local chapter of the Spit & Whittle Club in your neck of the woods, contact us and we’ll help you organize and get started with a special event.

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