SDAA Needs Your Support:

Writers are a crucial element in today’s world and we need good writers in all areas of life in South Dakota.  Writers report the news, write books to entertain and educate our society, and provide us with much needed information, both in print and online.  Without writers our informational resources would be gravely limited.

SDAA has valuable educational, informational, training, and grant programs in place for the growth, education and enrichment of South Dakota’s authors and hopefuls, with more in development.  We need your help to make these programs successful.

We are able to fund only as many programs as we have resources to provide for, so we want to say THANK YOU for your generous support.

Please Read Carefully

  • If you would like your web address to be linked to your name in the donors listing areas please request this when donating
  • Minimum donation for a web-link is $100
  • For PayPal payments: please add the URL in the comments field
  • Please note that we will check your website URL and refuse the link to pages that contain illegal or inappropriate content (this includes gambling, porn, violence, racism, and political endorsements.)

Further Questions?

If you…

  • encounter problems using or filling in the form
  • found a bug
  • had any issues making a donation
  • have questions regarding what other donation options are available and how you can best support SDAA

…then please feel free to contact us at anytime at: SDAuthors@gmail.com

We Appreciate Your Support:

You can now make monthly donations or one-time gifts through PayPal by clicking the donate button below.

THANK YOU for your generous support of the South Dakota Authors Association and its programs. 

Click to donate.

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