Kevin Boekhoff: Member Profile


Name:   Kevin Boekhoff, Author

Pen Name:   Kevin T. Boekhoff

Email:   kvnktb1@gmail.com

Personal information: Kevin resides in Sioux Falls, SD with his wife of 34 years, Katie, and his Yorkshire terrier, T-Bone Dickens. He has done many things in his life, from auto body repairman to Baptist pastor, which show up in his humorous stories. Once Parkinson’s disease entered his life, he began pursuing his writing interest in earnest. Many have compared his unique sense of humor and writing style to that of Patrick F. McManus.

Kevin has had several humorous stories published in various publications, such as The Motor Market MagazineClever Magazine, The Storyteller Magazine, and Humor Press.  He currently writes a column for Plains Magazine called, “Life’s Amusing Moments” and serves on the board of the South Dakota Authors Association.

He has jumped on the independent author bandwagon and published a book of Parkinson’s disease observations and experiences called “I Forgot That I Remembered,” and “Just Me: Humorous, Helpful & Odd,” which are available through Kevin’s website, Amazon and several stores in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The eBook version is available at SmashWords.com.

Because of this book, he received the honor of being a presenter at the South Dakota Book Festival in 2012, was included in a video by South Dakota Public Broadcasting and has made numerous radio appearances. Some of his readings and ventriloquism can be seen on YouTube.
Find links below to some of Kevin’s work.


Website or Blog: http://www.KevinTBoekhoff.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KevinTBoekhoffAuthor
Other Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clcxpjYcn6s
Other Link: http://www.plainsmagazine.com
Work #1
Title: I Forgot That I Remembered
Genre: Creative Non-Fiction
Cover:  ForgotCover
Description: Available at Amazon, SmashWords (eBook version) and several local stores in Sioux Falls.
Buzz: – Very good read! You have a very accomplished writing style that takes ordinary events and makes them interesting and humorous, while also educating people about Parkinsons Disease. I especially liked your Bible applications at the end.  JA
 – You can tell by your writing style that you are enjoying yourself. Have you ever read something, an article or book that seems the writing is kind of forced? Your articles are smooth, flow easily and you have that knack on where to slide the humor in. It’s also nice to see someone with an illness as terrible as ours can still laugh and do the things that make them happy! You give people hope big bro! BM
Work #2
Title: Just Me: Humorous, Helpful & Odd
Genre: Creative Non-Fiction
Cover:  JMHHO Front Cover jpeg
Description: Available at Amazon, SmashWords (eBook version) and several local stores in Sioux Falls.
Buzz: – I truly enjoy your writing style and topics.   You have this blessed gift of knowing where to draw the line.   You write in a clear and concise humorous manner, using clever and witty vocabulary on topics in which everyone can identify, and yet haven’t been covered to death.   It would seem to me that some authors make the attempt, and fail miserably, because they almost try too hard; thus, defeating their purpose.  NR

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