Jan Andersen: Member Profile


Name:             Jan Andersen, Author

Pen Name:    Jan Andersen

Email:            Janwayne@sio.midco.net


Personal information:   Jan credits her mother for raising her with a love of words and books.  “She did not have many opportunities in life,” says Jan, “but words were her lifelong companions and she showed me how to get lost in a good book.”Jan’s experience lies in business correspondence and proofreading.  Other writing had previously always been for fun; but now she is taking it more seriously.  Currently she is writing a series of creative non-fiction profiles about people from different cultures and countries which she has met throughout her life.  Her hope is to promote better understanding, tolerance and acceptance through her writing and through communication.

She is also working on a novel based on a true story, numerous short stories waiting patiently to be finished, a couple of non-fiction pieces and a poem here and there. Jan loves meeting people with a story she can write about.

As a California native, the move here in 2005 proved to be educational for Jan.  “Adjusting to the different culture has been challenging,” she says, “but now that I am becoming acquainted with other writers. I am energized about my writing, excited about expanding my skills and getting my writing out for others to read and enjoy.”

Find links below to some of Jan’s work.

Website or Blog:
Other Link:
Other Link: https://sdauthors.com/articles/networking-can-be-fun/
Work #1
Title: Networking CAN Be Fun
Genre: Non-Fiction
Description: Article

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