Why Do I Write?

by Kevin Boekhoff

Something inside me compels me to write. . .

When I am in the mood to write, a voice narrates what is going on in my life and plays with the words and concepts, stringing them into sentences.  This alter ego doesn’t always make sense, but at times he is incredibly clever.  He is deceitful because I want to write them down, but he doesn’t want me to take the time and tells me I will certainly remember something that incredulous.

Creative writing is play.  I enjoy writing and rewriting. It is fun to polish and get the wording in place that feels right; where I can sit back and say, “That’s it!” Then it’s time to get another opinion – or let it sit for a long period of time – to see if it works. When I write the endorphins come out to frolic and I physically, emotionally and mentally feel better.

The next step is to submit the piece for publication.  Sometimes they don’t like it, it doesn’t fit their publication, someone spilled coffee on it or they used it to line their birdcage. And sometimes they publish it! That is the other half of the fun.

The interesting thing is that when something is published, feedback can be rare.  It is nice to hear back that I accomplished my goal.  Negative feedback can be helpful, but I find I prefer the positive – especially if it helped someone in some way.

Why do I write? An inner compulsion, because it is fun, because publishers like it and because it may help someone in some way, even if it is just to have fun too.

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