The South Dakota Authors Association was created to support, encourage and promote authors, both published and non-published, who are current or former residents of South Dakota.

Our mission is to assist writers and their organizations in their writing endeavors by providing a platform for promotion and communication, as well as opportunities for growth as writers.  By encouraging continual development of skills and techniques we endeavor to perpetuate our craft in this generation and the next (See Spit & Whittle Club).

SDAA seeks to contribute to the creative process by encouraging writers to establish writing groups and assisting them in that process by hosting events like seminars, workshops, and lectures and offering opportunities for enrichment as writers.  It is our desire to make available any resources at our disposal for the accomplishment of these goals on local levels throughout South Dakota.

We encourage SDAA members to lend their knowledge and expertise to Association activities in an effort to expand the breadth and strength of our shared knowledge base and thereby increase the solidarity and influence of the writing community in our cities, towns and hamlets across the state.

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