Welcome to the SDAA’s official website!

We serve authors across the state and we want to hear from you.  We have LOTS of exciting things going on and we State Seal of South Dakota.want to know if there is something YOU would like to see happen for authors in South Dakota.

We are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to become a public charity.   Tax-deductible donations will allow us to offer more and better programs, events, and opportunities for authors in South Dakota.

The literary world is experiencing a lot of new things and we want South Dakota to have a large part  in that.  We are not a political organization or special interest group.  We advocate for authors across the state and  seek to promote and provide opportunities for authors and writing groups to grow and expand their horizons.

We offer special promotions and programs to encourage, support and promote authors and their groups and events.  These include exciting writing events, special promotions, contests, grants, and many, many other things to assist and encourage South Dakota’s writers  . . . to simply write!  South Dakota Writers, our nation and our world needs to hear from you – and that is why we are here – to give you a voice and a platform from which to be heard.

We hope you will enjoy your membership in SDAA and look forward to serving you.  If you have ideas about things you think would benefit South Dakota’s writers, please let us know and we will consider EVERY suggestion for development.

You can email us at SDAuthors@gmail.com or post a public comment below in the “Leave A Reply” box.

While the website is under construction you will undoubtedly see changes in layout and content.  We ask for your patience during this process but we thought you might appreciate having access to it during the growth period, rather than waiting for the big “tah dah”.  We hope we were right.